The SGPPPPB will have its final two summer rehearsals Tuesday, September 2nd and Wednesday, September 3rd from 5-7PM in the band room. Text Kyle at 1(518)-495-6796 with any questions or let him know if you can't make it!


Prepare yourself. Pep Band season is coming. The SGPPPPB will begin its 2014-2015 run with a "casual" morning rehearsal today at 10 in the highschool band room, to introduce incoming freshman. The band will be playing at home football games, and possibly soccer games, but we'll keep everyone posted.

The SG girls varsity basketball fell last night to 3rd seeded Queensbury, finishing their already stellar season. It has been an honor playing for them, and we look forward to many more awesome seasons. Congrats ladies!
There is a rehearsal tonight at 5:30 IN the band for about an hour. Information for sectionals as well new music will be distributed so it's imperative everyone is there. Contact Kyle Yagielski at 1(518)-495-6796 of you have any questions!
SGPPPPB members should try to keep their schedules open this week for 3-4 one hour rehearsals afterschool. Essential information, schedules, and new music will be distributed so it is imperative that everyone attends. The first rehearsal is tomorrow, Monday, from 2:45 to 3:45. Also a reminder to keep February vacation open for the beginning of Sectional play. Full schedules will be handed out on Wednesday. Thanks SGPPPPBers!
The SGPPPPB got some awesome press at Friday's boys game! Some great pictures were taken and even a full front page spread interview was written! Thanks to the Gazette and all the band members! More pictures can be seen at (

The Boys defeated Division Rival Gloversville Tuesday night to finish off their home season, and the SGPPPPB was there to cheer them on!


The SG Mens Varsity team toppled South Glens Falls today, and the band had a solid game as both groups near the end of their normal seasons and head into Sectionals! Make room, because the SG TARTANS ARE COMING FOR YOU!


Make sure to come out and support your SG Mens Basketball teams tomorrow as they face South Glens Falls... and don't forget to cheer for their awesome in-house pep band! Tip off is 7:30! Go Tartans!

The SGPPPPB has decided to design and purchase some Scotia-Glenville Tartans Rally Towels to be used at basketball and football games. Each towel only costs $13 and should be fairly quick to be delivered. Rally towels are currently only being offered to SGPPPPB members, but will be sold to students and fans, if interest is shown! Band members interested (which should be all of them, because these things are sweet!) should let Kyle Yagielski know immediately, so the order can be made shortly! Thanks!